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The Globalisation of Turmeric: How Dadi's haldi became a global health sensation
Posted by :zama Organics

If you grew up in an Indian household it is more than likely that turmeric or ‘Haldi’ played a pivotal role in your childhood. Heralded for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric has served as the go-to traditional healing solution for every cut, bruise, sprain or illness in homes across the nation.

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Eat. Sleep. Detox. Repeat OR just #EatClean!
Posted by :zama Organics

Everyone’s talking about ‘DETOX’ and cleansing the system. What does this current trend really mean? It refers to getting rid of all the toxins, chemicals & unwanted substances in the body. However, the reason everyone is talking about it so much of late, is because our diets (even the healthiest of ones) are infused with unwanted toxins. What we really need more than a ‘detox’ is to not ‘intoxicate’ in the first place!

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We only deliver what nature intends for you to have. Now you can easily satisfy your organic kitchen needs to enhance your well-being. Zama Organics strives to be a consistent partner in your attempt at eating clean, helping you eat wholesome foods.

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