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Saving The Planet One Organic Bite At A Time

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“How can I do my part for the environment?” A question that has plagued many of us in recent weeks as the global environmental crisis takes center stage. While no action is too small, we need to make fundamental changes in our lifestyle to ensure long-lasting impact. Forming habits is considered one of the best means to create meaningful change and a habit you can start today is switching to buying and consuming organically grown produce!

Not only does buying organic produce limits our exposure to harmful pesticides, but organic farming practices are far more gentle on the environment. Organic farmers respect nature, consciously taking strides to build healthy soil, conserve water and even combat the effects of global warming.

Here are some of the  key ways organic farming protects the environment


‘To grow healthy food, you must start with healthy soil’. Conventional large scale agricultural farms use synthetic chemicals that are not only absorbed by the produce but also decrease the quality of the soil, robbing it of key nutrients and helpful bacteria. Organic farmers follow a strict code that prohibits the usage of harmful pesticides and herbicides. The adoption of natural cultivation methods like tilling as opposed to chemical soil management enables the soil to retain its key properties and continue to harvest helpful bacteria!

According to famed microbiologist Dr. Elaine Ingham, one teaspoon of compost-rich organic soil may host as many as 600 million to 1 billion helpful bacteria while one teaspoon of soil treated with chemicals may carry as few as 100 helpful bacteria.


Limited water resources and the availability of clean water are growing concerns for the global community. Run-off from conventional farms consisting of toxic chemicals has proven to be a serious threat to India’s rivers. Organic farming’s outright rejection of harmful toxins and more conservative usage of water helps counterbalance this issue. In fact, many of the core practices of organic farming – including spreading organic mulches and maintaining areas of perennial plants helps the soil absorb and retain water, reduce runoff, and even recharge underground aquifers.


Global emissions from crop and livestock agriculture have risen from 4.7 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2001 to more than 5.3 billion in 2018. Climate change is an increasingly pressing global issue and organic agriculture may hold the potential of slowing it down by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There is a direct correlation between nitrous oxide emissions and the amount of nitrogen fertilizer applied to agricultural land. These synthetic nitrogen fertilizers are substituted with natural ones in organic farming thus preventing such emissions.


Organic farming has been found to consume at least 30-50% less non-renewable energy as compared to conventional farming practices. This is achieved by eliminating the vast amounts of energy utilized in producing chemical fertilizers and transporting them. Eliminating pesticides supports the growth of healthy biodiversity which in turn becomes effective to farmers with the flourishing of natural pesticides and helpful bacteria.

The crucial role organic farming plays in protecting and conserving the environment is clear. By buying organic fruits, vegetables and products we can support existing organic farmers and help develop an established market for future organic farmers to enter! 

Zama Organics is dedicated to providing you with the best organically grown produce and ingredients India has to offer. We partner with the most responsible farms across India to ensure our products are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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Saving The Planet One Organic Bite At A Time