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The Globalisation of Turmeric: How Dadi's haldi became a global health sensation

The Globalisation of Turmeric: How Dadi's haldi became a global health sensation

If you grew up in an Indian household it is more than likely that turmeric or ‘Haldi’ played a pivotal role in your childhood. Heralded for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric has served as the go-to traditional healing solution for every cut, bruise, sprain or illness in homes across the nation. Cemented in Indian culture, traditions, and cooking, turmeric has recently risen from its humble beginnings to find itself in the global spotlight. Across the United Kingdom and the United States, you can find everything from turmeric lattes at popular coffee chains to raw turmeric supplements in major grocery stores.

The turmeric market has been on the rise since 2017 and is predicted to continue growing with turmeric supplements, beverages and dye colors becoming a hit with consumers in the west. 

So what is behind Turmeric’s surge in popularity? It certainly taps into several current trends including interest in whole foods, traditional ingredients, medicinal foods and even Instagram-worthy food and drinks! 

Turmeric’s place in Indian culture

Before turmeric gained popularity worldwide, it had marked its place in Indian culture and history. The golden spice has been reported to have been in use since 2500 B.C. and became a pivotal part of the Indian Ayurvedic culture from 500 B.C. Known for its multipurpose composition, turmeric has long been used in medicines, food, cosmetics, and even auspiciously during the traditional Hindu pre-wedding haldi ceremony in India.

A staple in every local household’s spice box, Indians are not only major consumers of turmeric but also the biggest suppliers and exporters. Erode, a city in Tamil Nadu is the largest turmeric producer in India and is often referred to as the Yellow City. Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Karnataka are some of the other key states cultivating different varieties of turmeric in India with their own unique taste and composition.

Turmeric in the kitchen

Turmeric is an essential ingredient in various asian cuisines like Malaysian, Japanese, Thai and of course Indian. Its rising popularity has seen it being adopted in a number of modern recipes, start off your day with bright turmeric infused scrambled eggs and pancakes or add a healthy pop of colour to your meals with delicious turmeric pilau and turmeric coconut curry. Keeping it simple, turmeric milk can work wonders to recover from ailments while turmeric infused water with lemon is the perfect shot to kickstart your day and boost healthy skin and hair.

Healing Powers

Turmeric has been associated with its healing abilities since the Indus Valley civilization, yet it was only recently that western researchers have turned their focus on uncovering the various beneficial properties of the golden spice, this certainly played a role in its rising prominence. It is specifically the curcumin extracted from Turmeric that has piqued the interest of scientists globally. Curcumin is an active agent in Turmeric which is both a potent anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant. Curcumin also promotes the health of several vital organs including the brain, the liver and the stomach. 

Gold is the new black

While the ingestion of Turmeric has ample health benefits, its bright colour is yet another attraction of this multipurpose root. After all, in the 100 different names for Turmeric found in Ayurvedic literature, ‘Matrimanika’ describes it as being ‘as beautiful as moonlight’. Yellow #5, a byproduct of petroleum, is one of the most commonly used dyes in the world. Turmeric’s brilliant yellow is being viewed as a  sustainable replacement for the yellow dye. From art supplies to children’s toys, Turmeric is being adopted by conscious companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Beauty & Fashion meet Turmeric

The fashion and cosmetic industry have also embraced the golden light of Turmeric. Tintoria di Quaregna, one of the biggest commercial dye companies recently launched an entire pallet of natural colors using spices like Turmeric. Big brands in the Indian cosmetic industry like Forest Essentials and Kama Ayurveda feature entire collections of beauty products centred around Turmeric. 

Bonus Turmeric Tips

D-I-Y turmeric masks and scrubs 

Ditch harsh skincare products and incorporate turmeric into your natural beauty regime. A homemade turmeric face mask is a great antioxidant, breathing new life into your skin without irritation. Turmeric can also help with blemishes, pigmentation and dullness. Exfoliate your skin with an organic turmeric scrub. mix sugar, turmeric and coconut oil or alternately combine turmeric with milk and flour for a more traditional scrub.

D-I-Y organic turmeric latte 


  • 2 cups milk (Coconut, Almond or Cashew milk)

  • 1 tsp organic turmeric powder

  • 1/3 tsp organic ground cinnamon

  • 1/8 tsp organic ground ginger

  • 2-3 tsp organic honey 

  • Pinch of ground black pepper


  • Add all ingredients to a blender and puree for about 10-15 seconds.

  • Add to a stainless steel pot and simmer on low-medium heat until heated to your desired level. 

  • Remove from heat and pour into mugs. Use an electric milk frother to get a latte consistency.

  • Enjoy piping hot accompanied with your favorite butter cookies

Turmeric is an ancient staple that has graduated to a superfood and rightfully so with its range of health benefits, anti-inflammatory properties and growing number of applications. Make sure this golden spice is a staple part of your pantry.  Sourced directly from organic farms across India, order our organically grown turmeric online today.


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The Globalisation of Turmeric: How Dadi's haldi became a global health sensation