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Our Eggless Apple Pie Croissant – a delightful blend of classic flavors in a flaky, twice-baked treat. Crafted with premium ingredients like flour, butter, milk, salt, and fresh yeast, this croissant is filled with cinnamon-tossed apples and brown butter frangipane. To elevate the experience, it's delicately drizzled with salted caramel. Enjoy the comforting taste of apple pie in a convenient and indulgent croissant form.

Our Apple Pie Croissant by stored in an airtight container at room temperature. For an extended shelf life, consider freezing the croissant in a sealed plastic wrap and thawing it at room temperature when ready to enjoy.

Q. Is the Eggless Apple Pie Croissant suitable for vegetarians?
A. Absolutely! Our croissant is eggless, making it a delightful treat for vegetarians.

Q. Are there nuts in the croissant?
A. Yes, our croissant contains almonds as part of the brown butter frangipane filling.

Q. How long does the Eggless Apple Pie Croissant stay fresh?
A. For the best taste and texture, we recommend consuming the croissant within a few days. If storing for a more extended period, freezing is a great option.