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Whole Wheat Sourdough – a pure delight with just two ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour and salt, naturally Leavened with Starter. Crafted for simplicity and goodness, each bite brings you the hearty flavor of whole wheat in a satisfying, no-fuss way. It's wholesome, straightforward, and a perfect choice for those who love the simplicity of good, honest bread. Made with natural fermentation, our sourdough is free from additives and packed with fiber.

Keep your Whole Wheat Sourdough fresh by storing it in a cool, dry place. For longer freshness, freeze individual slices in a zip-top bag. To prevent drying, wrap it in a kitchen towel.

Toast a slice of our whole wheat Sourdough Bread to a delicious golden brown. Spread on some plant-based butter or creamy avocado for a quick and tasty breakfast. When it's lunchtime, keep it simple and satisfying with a scrumptious sandwich. Just layer your favorite veggies, smear on some hummus, and add a slice of vegan cheese between two slices of our bread.
Q. What's the recommended storage for whole wheat sourdough?
A. Use a breathable material like a paper bag or cloth; avoid plastic.

Q. Any creative ways to use leftover whole wheat sourdough?
A. Make croutons, and breadcrumbs, or use them in recipes like stuffing or bread pudding.