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our Hazelnut Pain au Chocolat, crafted with care using premium ingredients. This eggless delight features a soft and flaky chocolate croissant made from high-quality flour, butter, milk, salt, sugar, and fresh yeast. Indulge in the rich filling of gianduja – a heavenly blend of chocolate and hazelnut. To top it off, each croissant is generously dipped in chocolate hazelnut glaze. Taste buttery layers, velvety chocolate, and the nutty essence of hazelnuts in every bite. Treat yourself to the delightful celebration of taste with our Hazelnut Pain au Chocolat.

Keep your Hazelnut Pain au Chocolat fresh by storing them in an airtight container at room temperature. Avoid refrigeration to maintain their delightful flakiness.

Q. Are there any artificial preservatives in Hazelnut Pain au Chocolat?
A. No, our pastries are crafted without artificial preservatives. We prioritize using natural and high-quality ingredients for a delicious and wholesome experience.

Q. Are Hazelnut Pain au Chocolat suitable for vegetarians?
Absolutely! Our delightful pastries are eggless, making them a perfect treat for vegetarians.