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One of the distinguishing features of Nameko is its delightfully slippery texture when cooked. Widely popular in Japan, these mushrooms have a sweet, candy-like aroma and an earthy, woody, and nutty taste with a sweet, subtly fruity flavour.

Often used as a natural thickener to provide an enhanced flavour and texture to everyday meals.

To store nameko mushrooms, place them in a container or a paper bag in the refrigerator. Avoid airtight containers, as they can trap moisture and cause the mushrooms to deteriorate.

When cooking nameko mushrooms, it's important to note that they are known for their natural gelatinous coating, which can add a unique texture to dishes. To make the most of this characteristic, avoid over-washing them, as it can remove their natural coating.
Q. Can you eat the gelatinous coating on nameko mushrooms?
A. Yes, the gelatinous coating on nameko mushrooms is edible and is often left intact when cooking. It can add a pleasant texture to dishes.

Q. What is the flavor profile of nameko mushrooms?
A. Nameko mushrooms have a mild and slightly nutty flavor. Their gelatinous texture makes them unique in terms of mouthfeel.